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Providing the most complete Database for Food and Beverage Items.
For Convenience Stores, Small Footprint Grocery Stores, Liquor Stores, Cigar Lounges and Smoke Shops.

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Gregg London's Response to the Food and Drug Administration's request for information related to: Food Labeling in Online Grocery Shopping.

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Gregg London Feature Article for Retail Technology Innovation Hub:
“It’s too damn hard" is not an acceptable excuse: Content...or tags...or actual item data?"

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The demand for accurate Product Information has skyrocketed. The evolution of new Technologies, increasing Governmental Regulation on Foods and Beverages, and the growing sophistication of Consumers have placed an untenable burden on Manufacturers and Retailers.

Solution Oriented

The Challenges

One way to meet the need for this Data Explosion: User Supported (Users do the Data Entry) and/or Web Harvesting (Web Scraping) Web Sites. - Question - what about accuracy?


Another way: Product Look-Up Web Services (API's, SaaS, etc.) - Question - how effective is obtaining one record at a time?


And yet another way: Sponsored Data Libraries - Manufacturer's send Products to these Firms, and pay to have their Products included in the Database. - Question - what if a Manufacturer doesn't participate?


Yes, Company information is available from GS1, but Product Information (the SKU, corresponding U.P.C., and Product Attributes) is not.


Inaccurate and Incomplete Data not only dilutes or damages a Brand Name, but also results in Missing Records, and, if used in a "Mission Critical" Application (say, Health and Wellness Application), can endanger the User.


Solution Oriented

The Solution - The Digital Product Information Catalog
(aka The Database)

The largest, Fully Attributed, Product Database (for Food and Beverage), indexed by U.P.C and EAN, created from Data and Package Labels supplied by the Manufacturer, fully Categorized, and continuously Maintained.


Put simply, this Database is THE "single version of the truth" for Manufacturers, Distributors, Retailers, Business Analytics Firms, and Developers.


Top Level Categories in The Database include:

Packaged Foods (National Brands and Private Label / Store Brand Items), Perishable Foods (Produce and Deli Meat), Food Supplements, Beverages (Alcoholic [Beer, Wine, Liquor, Mixers] and Non-Alcoholic), and Tobacco (Cigars, Cigarettes, Snuff, etc.).


Data Fields and Field Sets include:

U.P.C., EAN, PLU, MT (Meat Track) Code, GS1 Manufacturer Name, Brand / Brand Line, Item Name, Description, POS (Point of Sale) Name, Container, Imperial and Metric Size and Unit of Measure, the complete FDA Nutrition Fact Panel (compliant with the 2018 Revisions), Ingredients, the complete FALCPA (Allergen) Statement, and Temperature Warnings.


And these Fields set The Database apart:

Categorization (NACS or Grocer Cat), Endorsements (OU Kosher, USDA Organic, etc.), Country of Origin, Health Claims (Gluten Free, Non-GMO, etc.), FDA Nutrition Fact Panel Values for Food Prepared, Allergen Notation for Primary / Cross Contamination / World Standard Items, and the FDA SR28 Interface (linking the U.P.C. to the SR28 Index Number).

For a Sample of The Database, in Excel - click HERE.

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